Acres of Diamonds 


Wealth is in your backyard

Ali Hefath, One day priest visited Ali, told about the diamond. Ali heard about the diamonds how much his worth and went to his bed night as a poor man he had not lost anything but he was poor because he discontented and discontented because he feared he was poor. Ali sold his farm left his family and travels the Europe searching the diamonds. he didn’t find them  His health and wealth failed him dejected, he cast himself in the sea finally.

One day the man who had purchased the Ali farms found the curious sparkling stone in a stream that cut through in his land, it was a diamond. Digging produces more diamonds acres of diamonds in fact.

Are you one of those people who look for a diamond in faraway places is the grass really greener there, is that an opportunity that has been in front of you all the time. Have you taken stoke in your life lately, perhaps the diamond are sitting just outside the back door


How can you find the acres of diamonds in backyards?

Each one of us is right in the middle of our own acres of diamonds if only we would realise it and developed the ground which we standing on before charging off in search of greener peschers .

Opportunity doesn’t come along

if is there all the time we just have to see it

In life when we go searching for something

We should know what that something look, smell and test likes so we will recognise it when we find it

Before we give up what we already have to make sure that we are getting batter that what we have

Amrut Deshmukh

Habit to read the book among the youth of the India




Girl’s Ornament

We see there is, lots of ornaments are for a girl/women, but one ornament is by default which gave to her by the god is “Shyness”.

So I try to draw that ornaments onto the paper.

I value your suggestion and the vote.

Are you ready…?

Simple question for the simple people…